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$ 25.00 for 1 Ticket  

$ 100.00 for 5 Tickets

1st Prize

1. Brand New 2020  Ford F-150 Platum

2nd Prize 2 Round Trip Tickets for two First Class anywhere in the world

3rd Prize $5,000.00 in cash


Jim Click's Lincon or 50,000 in cash

You do not have to live in Arizona to win, and you do not have to be present t win. Mr. Click himself will call you. 

You can pay your raffle tickets through Zelle using 520-955-4806 or through Paypal using Shawsranch@gmail.com Please add 4% for Paypal fees. You can make the check out and  send  it  to H.M. Shaw's Veterans Ranch @ 5175 S. Melpomene Way. Tucson AZ 85747 

Email your name address and phone# to TammiThompson@shawsranch.org. We will mail your tickets right out to you. you can also reach us on Facebook


Examples of what we CURRENTLY do:

✅ Feed Homeless Veterans & 1st Responders or anyone in-need
✅ Provide hygiene & basic items to homeless & those in-need
✅ Get eligible Veterans (and alike) into Long-Term Care
✅ Find eligible facilities for clients to get clean & sober
✅ Provide eligible transitional housing to civilian & veterans so that they can then get into permanent housing
✅ Gift Veterans & 1st Responders that suffer PTSD (and other ailments) with service/companion dogs
✅ Find Hospice centers for eligible individuals
✅ Find BHT for clients in-need
✅ Be a liason between Veteran & Landlords to ensure safety of housing
✅ Supply Veteran families & individuals with available furniture & clothing
✅ Be a liaison between doctors & clients
✅ Be a liason between Veteran & VA
✅ Research & present Veteran with any resources needed for anything they require (if available)
✅ Clothe 100’s of Veterans
✅ Feed 20-100 Veterans & homeless per week!!
✅ Ensure the community is aware of the miss-information about Homelessness & Addiction & generate awareness
✅ Support families of those who have homeless veterans/1st Responders or addicts within (spreading truth & love)
✅ Life & job coaching (with resume writing

In the future, our vision is to have buildings on the ranch that house homeless veterans, a FREE store with furniture, clothing etc for them once they get into housing... a up & running aquaponics greenhouse & orchard to feed 1,000’s, & a classroom to teach veterans & 1st Responders new trades to take with them into their new future.... AND more!!!

We VALUE OUR SUPPORTERS & DONORS! Thank you for your SUPPORT in Shaw’s Veterans Ranch & in our MANY clients 🇺🇸❤️💙where they are.