We need to understand our Veterans, Before we can help them.

Why Veterans Miss War

Don't Let them fight alone

 Fight or Flight: The Veterans at war with PTSD

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 Veterans Reveal Their Most Difficult Experiences

They are not the same when they come home. They Need Us Now!

 Soldier talks about his Struggle with Depression and PTSD

The Stigma that Stops Veterans from Getting Help for PTSD

8 Things You Should Know About PTSD In Veterans 

Transitioning out of the Military

 New York Film Academy students and staff share their experience of transitioning from the military to civilian life. 

Tough Transition: Why Veterans Struggle to Find Civilian Job

They Teach You How to

Veterans talk about transition from Veteran to Civilian

Veterans Talk About the Military-Civilian Divide (2017)

Medal of Honor recipient recalls deadly ambush

After several requests for help from his ambushed unit were denied, Dakota Meyer took matters into his own hands, to try and save his trapped comrades in Afghanistan. His efforts earned him the Medal of Honor. David Martin reports. 

The Invisible Wound

Stacey Thompson was proud to be a woman in the Marines. But after she reported being sexually assaulted by her sergeant she was given an "other than honorable" discharge that left her without military benefits. 

Why homecoming can be particularly hard for female veterans

Advice on Transitioning Military to Civilian

I am a recently separated veteran wanting to share my experience and advice so that others might not have the same struggles that I did while transitioning out of the military. 


Homeless Veteran Mom Facing PTSD

Female veterans are the fastest growing demographic in America’s homeless population. Meet Debra, single mother of two who’s struggling to make ends meet after serving years in the military.