to successfully Transitioning from Soldier to Civilian You need a plan

We Are Here To Help Veterans


Who Are  Bryan and Tammi Thompson?

· Founders of H.M. Shaw’s Veterans Ranch

What do we do?

· We are a new upcoming 501c3 working towards a real Veterans working Ranch here in Tucson AZ.

· We will offer a safe, clean, and healthy environment along with every resource possible to set a path for Veterans, to find their self-worth, dignity, and purpose. H.M. Shaw’s Veterans Ranch will guide veterans in a positive direction to allow them every opportunity to successfully transition from Soldier to Civilian.

· Offer onsite living quarter for veterans along with different training courses and opportunities.

What will we offer?

· Accountability:

· Resident is responsible for his area and assigned chores.

· Resident is responsible for their scheduled appointments and must check-in with scheduling every morning to see what is on their to-do list.

· Any changes to appointments must be relayed to scheduling before the appointment date.

· Transportation to and from appointments and meetings must be confirmed before transportation has arrived. 

· Residents are responsible for attending and completing each mandatory class.

· Residents are not allowed to quit any creative class unless, the resident has spoken with a counselor and it is a mutual decision.

· Residents are responsible for attending all mandatory substance abuse programs.

· Residents are responsible for weekly report of accomplishments. 

· Residents are responsible for their actions. 

· Structure:

· Each morning barracks must be cleaned. Subject to inspections by Commander.

· Chores will be delegated by Commander. Chore Board will be posted and reviewed by Commander. Chores must be done before classes start and before bed.

· Residents must notify front desk of any and all meeting that are scheduled.

· Volunteers will schedule classes.

· Work on Self Improvement, or in-house meetings.

· Finish Chores

· Mental Health:

· Motivation Classes

· Meeting with Chaplin’s

· Will offer NA and AA

· Churches

· Arizona Mental Health

· Physical Health:

· Regular appointments with the VA

· Regular Eye Exams

· Regular Hearing Exams

· Stability:

· A place to call home. An address for all their important documents and letters.

· Daily Routine

· Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

· Structured Classes

· Counseling 

· Daily Shower’s 

· Daily Grooming

· Daily Chores 

· Bed (Not Cots) with clean bedding

· Amour for each resident / Footlocker

· Mandatory classes include: 

· Basic Life Skills

· Basic Economic

· Basic Computer

· Self Help

· Basic Employment online application, interview classes

· Motivation Classes

· Journaling 

· Communication skills

· Gym

Creative Classes:

· Woodworking

· Welding

· Painting / Drawing

· Cooking

· Creative Writing

· Animal Care/ Horsemanship classes. We will be working closely with Hope for Heroes.

· Farming/Gardening

· Tiling 

· Construction

· Workout Classes

· Yoga

· Obstacle Course

What are we looking for?

· Support & Guidance – Do you have a program that will help new and upcoming nonprofits get started?


· Finacial: Grants, Monthly Support

·  Partnering: Do you have a program that will help start up our 501c3 with Veterans to farm?


· Do you have a program that will help guide train us/veterans?

· Would you consider helping purchase land then train our Veterans and team members?

Long Term Support

· A Partnership or Sponsorship. Would you consider Partnering with H.M. Shaw’s Ranch to help us be the best Veterans Ranch Possible?

What do we have to offer your company?

· A Partnership with the same passion. To Help Veterans

· A team member. 

· Loyalty

Our Vision / Our Passion

· H.M. Shaw's Veterans Ranch vision is a Ranch style environment that will provide a structured home and resources for Veterans to successfully transition from Soldier to Civilian. H.M. Shaw's Veterans Ranch will be working closely with Hope for Heroes in order to introduce Horsemanship Therapy to our Veterans.


· To give Veterans in need the tools and resources needed to help them successfully transition from Soldier to Civilian

· To give Veterans a place to call home, to give our veterans the purpose they so desperately need.

· To help them find peace, and excitement about life.

· To teach them a trade, or to help them find their interest.

· To give Veterans and their families the resources they need to help them get through the hard times.

· To make H.M. Shaw’s Veterans Ranch sustain on its own, through farming, onsite general store to sell wares.

· Goal not to rely on government funding.


· Let’s Call this Bootcamp…

· Bryan and I delivered water to a veteran / civilian homeless camp and never looked back.

We started visiting on a regular basis, before we knew it we were at camp more than we were home.  We were there through the heat, of the summer, and through the monsoons. The heat was devastating, this camp didn’t have running water or any place for the residents to cool down. 

 Storms would destroy camp Bryan and I would help rebuild things such as tents and shelters, kitchen area clothing tent, the ground was like a swamp. Water pouring into the tents. 

Bryan is a talented craftsman. Making structures sounder, designing and crafting projects that helped make camp life easier. Bryan even built a small dog run for their dogs to keep them safe. 

 The one thing that bothered us from day one was the fact that every time we left camp, sweaty, exhausted, and sore, we were able to go home, take a shower, put clean clothes on, turn our air down in the house, drink ice water, lay down in a comfortable bed to get a good night’s sleep. 

 This is not what happened to the Veterans in this camp,Veterans laid on their cots under plastic in the storms, because their tents leaked. 

 Veterans were taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion, and dehydration, and food poisoning for lack of health code in the kitchen.

 There wasn’t any structure, people did what ever they wanted and it led to a lot of safety issues as well as accountablitly.

 Bryan and I on many occasions brought veterans home with us, I would feed them, do their laundry, they could take showers and sleep comfortably even if it were only for a night or two. At camp, they always had to be on guard. Not a good part of the neighborhood. 

 What we noticed was, when Bryan would build or repair things at camp, Veterans always wanted to help. Veterans looked forward to Bryan coming to camp, it didn’t take long until they would either fix something that needed to be repaired or they had a list of projects for them to do when we got there. 

 The bonding over projects was incredible. The stories we were told, and the jokes they would tell, kept us fascinated and laughing. 

 I would help with admin duties such as getting the information on how to retain identification, research questions they had, we would use my cell phone to set up appointments with DES, VA, Dr’s and court appointments. 

 We would make sure they had a way to appointments whether it be by bus, or we took them. I was also their confidant, counselor, motivator, or someone to just talk with about their day. I was the cook when needed, if there was an injury, or sick, I made sure they received medical attention, ( even when they weren’t happy about it.) 

 If there was a drug or alcohol abuse issue, I would try to get them into a recovery program. 

 The issue with this camp is that it wasn’t a dry camp. It was hard over recovering addicts to stay on track because the triggers were so close. Not a good success rate.

 Veterans were taken advantage terribly there, and it felt like when we were there, we could make do our part to make sure they received what was intended for them. 

 The camp was closed last Nov. Bryan, and I have been on a mission since to start up a Veterans Working Ranch. 

 This was our boot camp. What we learned at this camp; you could never learn in a book. The Drugs, alcohol, the lack of resources, the lack of purpose.

  What Bryan and I learned at this camp was exactly what we do not want at our ranch. We have a lot to learn and are open to all the guidance we can get. 

  We saw many things that opened our eyes to what was really needed for our Vets. 

 The camp lacked in many areas, but it was home to many. We learned that it is hard for Veterans to live with Civilians, we learned you cannot have a presence of triggers if you want a successful transition. 

 Bryan and I will live on the ranch to make sure that the ranch is run with our vision and purpose. If we are lucky enough to have an onsite administrator, they will live on-site as well. 

 We will work with Veteran-owned companies and hire Veterans first. We want this ranch to be a home the veterans will be proud of. 

 This ranch will give our Veterans opportunity and purpose. 

 Bryan and I have tried to give back to veterans for years in small ways. We have Whoodle breeding business and have donated puppies to Veterans for service or therapy companions for over 14 years. We have a passion and a vision to do more. 

 The ranch is named after my grandfather Herbert Milton Shaw.  My grandfather was a welder and flame cutter for the army. The greatest Man I ever knew.

We have a saying. At H.M. Shaw’s Veterans Ranch… No One Fights Alone!