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H.M. Shaw's Veterans Ranch

H.M. Shaw's Veterans Ranch Non-Profit 501(C)3 # 17053043340009

H.M. Shaw's Veterans Ranch

H.M. Shaw's Veterans Ranch Non-Profit 501(C)3 # 17053043340009


Our Mission


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Examples of what we CURRENTLY do:

✅ Feed Homeless Veterans & 1st Responders or anyone in-need
✅ Provide hygiene & basic items to homeless & those in-need
✅ Get eligible Veterans (and alike) into Long-Term Care
✅ Find eligible facilities for clients to get clean & sober
✅ Provide eligible transitional housing to civilian & veterans so that they can then get into permanent housing
✅ Gift Veterans & 1st Responders that suffer PTSD (and other ailments) with service/companion dogs
✅ Find Hospice centers for eligible individuals
✅ Find BHT for clients in-need
✅ Be a liason between Veteran & Landlords to ensure safety of housing
✅ Supply Veteran families & individuals with available furniture & clothing
✅ Be a liaison between doctors & clients
✅ Be a liason between Veteran & VA
✅ Research & present Veteran with any resources needed for anything they require (if available)
✅ Clothe 100’s of Veterans
✅ Feed 20-100 Veterans & homeless per week!!
✅ Ensure the community is aware of the miss-information about Homelessness & Addiction & generate awareness
✅ Support families of those who have homeless veterans/1st Responders or addicts within (spreading truth & love)
✅ Life & job coaching (with resume writing

In the future, our vision is to have buildings on the ranch that house homeless veterans, a FREE store with furniture, clothing etc for them once they get into housing... a up & running aquaponics greenhouse & orchard to feed 1,000’s, & a classroom to teach veterans & 1st Responders new trades to take with them into their new future.... AND more!!!

We VALUE OUR SUPPORTERS & DONORS! Thank you for your SUPPORT in Shaw’s Veterans Ranch & in our MANY clients 🇺🇸❤️💙where they are.


More ABout Jim CLick

Need A Vehicle? Contact Erich Stahlman GM Of Jim Click Automotive


What makes a living legend? What can we learn from a business leader’s attitude, habits, and fortitude? We are about to find out.

This is a story about a man from humble Oklahoma roots that has taken the automotive industry and Tucson by storm. And deservedly so.

Jim Click, Jr. was taught the elements of achievement at an early age. His dad, Jim Click, Sr., a self-made man and car dealership owner, was Junior’s mentor, coach and disciplinarian. As a young junior high school student, Jim brought home his first “C” on his report card. The next conversation says it all. 


Jim’s dad, in a very somber tone, confronted his son about the grade. 

“What’s this?” his dad inquired. 

“Well, I guess I am just the average all-American boy,” Jim retorted. 

After the severe lecture that followed, Jim knew that projecting himself as average was totally unacceptable and would never see himself as average again. From that point forward, he learned to visualize himself as a success.

Success visualization is not just a key habit for Jim, it’s a rigorous practice. He talks about his success in college and his selection as a Scholastic All-American football player. As the team captain at Oklahoma State University (OSU), Jim saw the plays and blocks on the field before they happened; he visualized his team’s success and he had learned how to conceive his own future.

There was another lesson from OSU that taught the young Jim the importance of tenacity. One day when things got really tough, Jim decided to quit the team. So, he called his dad first. His dad always reminded him that signing on to OSU was a four-year contract. 

Jim Sr. listened to his son’s reasons for quitting, and then shouted, “Ok, so you want to quit. Ok, quit! So will I! I will quit on your mother and my dealership too!” 

Junior got the message.

Instead of going to graduate school, Jim was enticed by his great uncle to go to work in a Ford dealership in L.A. It wasn’t but about two weeks later when Jim, who hadn’t sold a single car, called his dad again and asked to come back home to work in his dad’s dealership in Oklahoma. The answer was flatly “no” and another intensive discussion ensued. 

“Son, there are no short-cuts to success,” Senior emphasized. 

Jim has never forgotten that phrase. He went back to work the next day, and with the help of a mentor, planned the work and worked the plan and within another short interval, became top salesman consistently. 

As they say, the rest is history. And, the influence of his dad intercedes again. When Jim was in high school, one day, Senior and Junior stood outside a dealership and Senior encouraged his son to see his future. “Look up at that sign,” Senior said. “One day that name on the building will say Jim Click Chevrolet.”

Jim moved quickly from sales to sales management to general manager. In 1971, Tucson was blessed. Knowing no one here, and with his wife who was five months pregnant with their first child, he purchased his first dealership (Pueblo Ford). At age 27, he was one of the youngest automotive dealership owners in the country. Today the Click/Tuttle organization owns 10 dealerships in Arizona and six in California. 

How did that success happen? Again, the voice of his father propelled him forward. 

Senior said, “Son, there is no substitute for hard work.” This is the theme in the life of Jim Click.

Aside from tenacity, and the willingness to work hard, there are other characteristics that built his enormous success like acting with integrity … no matter what. For example, it’s extraordinary that Jim and his equal partner, Bob Tuttle, have had no written contract in over 40 years. 

“My word is my bond,” Jim said. 

Another key to Jim’s success … love your job and your industry, and be great at it. Click Senior always said, “If you love your what you do, you will retire for the rest of your life!” 

Then, there is enthusiasm. 

“Act enthusiastically and you will be enthusiastic,” Jim predicts. “And don’t give up on yourself!” His counsel to young professionals is to remind them, “Don’t beat up on yourself. Other people will do that for you!”

And, no one doubts that Jim has personal discipline. Even at 70, he rises at 4:30 a.m. and hits the gym. He believes that energy drives energy … and every person has a responsibility to take care of themselves physically to be able to give their best to their business and family.

Jim also has placed a lot of emphasis on learning from his peers. From the inception of his first dealership, his competitors like Buck O’Reilly, assisted his introduction to the community. Jim emphasizes that the dealerships in Southern Arizona all have great respect for one another and have never intentionally demeaned one another. 

Over the years, the Click team has adopted the best operating tenants from the industry and added a family-oriented spirit to the culture of his company. 

“A great leader needs to lead with unequivocal strength in the good times and the bad, and needs to care about people and give them the opportunity for upward mobility,” Jim said. “If you take care of your team and ensure that they treat every customer fairly, you create a built-in salesforce … the customers will automatically go to work for you with their referrals.”

Jim Click’s success stems from a multi-pronged approach to his work. His drive, discipline, enthusiasm, and his love of marketing and branding permeate his entrepreneurial story, but he also embodies genuine care, first for his immediate family, wife Vicki, and children, Chris and Carrie, and granddaughter, Sophia. Jim also demonstrates deep caring for his extended “car family,” the partners and the whole team. And, as will be evident in Part Two, Jim is devoted to his community. 

What Theodore Roosevelt said long ago is still true today, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Click cares.


More About Mr Tucson


Since coming to Tucson in 1971, Mr. Click has grown the Jim Click Automotive Team into 10 locations throughout Southern Arizona.

I am grateful for the community’s generous support of Jim Click and Holmes Tuttle Automotive businesses. That support has allowed us to proudly give back to the Tucson Community for over 50 years.
With the understanding that one company cannot meet the multitude of needs each community faces, it is our mission to strengthen organizations and programs that are located where our customers and employees live, work and care for their families.

Jim Click, Jr. graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1966, where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business. He was a Scholastic All-American football player, received the Big 8 Medallion Award, and was captain of OSU’s Cowboy football team. Jim was a member of the Sigma Nu Fraternity and made Dean’s Honor Roll every semester. In 1985, Jim Click received OSU’s Distinguished Alumni Award, and in 1955 he was honored as one of the University’s most outstanding graduates and was inducted into OSU’s Hall of Fame.

After graduation, Jim Click went to work selling cars for his great uncle, the legendary Holmes Tuttle, at his Ford dealership in Los Angeles. Within two years, he was the top salesperson, which led to a promotion to Sales Manager at the Beverly Hills Mercury dealership. The next step for Jim came quickly, as he was promoted to General Manager of the Lincoln-Mercury store. In 1971, Jim moved to Tucson to operate Pueblo Ford. By changing the name to Jim Click Ford, using a massive media advertising campaign, and doing a lot of hard work, his dealership’s sales volume doubled. At age 27, Jim was one of the Country’s youngest automotive dealers. Thirty years later, Jim and his cousin, Bob Tuttle, are co-owners of the Tucson-based Jim Click Automotive Team, which includes: Ford, Lincoln, Dodge, RAM, Chrysler, Jeep, Mazda, Nissan, Kia, and Hyundai. They also have several dealerships in Orange County, California, and are ranked 22nd in the 2000 Automotive News Top 100 Dealerships Group.

In 1978, Jim and Bob purchased a controlling interest in Arizona Bank’s predecessor, Union Bank of Tucson. As Chairman of the Board, Jim led Arizona Bank, with its familiar Kachina logo, towards constant growth, as it became the largest independent bank in the State of Arizona. In December 1998, Alabama-based Compass Bank purchased Arizona Bank, and currently Jim serves on its Board of Directors.

Jim Click is no doubt one of Tucson’s most visible philanthropists. Just some of his volunteerism includes: Junior Achievement, Board of Directors, President and recipient of the prestigious, Gold Lay Leadership award; Boys & Girls Clubs of Tucson, Board of Directors, and Chairman of the Capital Fund Drive, raising over $1.2 million to build the Holmes Tuttle Boys & Girls Club, and the Roy Drachman Boys & Girls Club; Salpointe Catholic High School, Chairman, of the 1988 Capital Campaign; and the University of Arizona Foundation, Board Member. In 1982, he was Tucson’s Man of the Year and is a member of the Tucson Conquistadores. A devoted citizen, in 1999 he led a successful effort to maintain an adequate water supply for Tucson’s future. And as Chairman of the Capital Campaign for Primavera Builders, Jim raised the money to build a new training center for the homeless. “Since knowing him, I have never dared utter the words ‘too busy,’ or ‘call me back later.’ His inspiration nudges me out of my laziness and complacency and pushes me beyond my limited views of myself.” Nancy Bissell, Co-Founder & Board of Directors, Primavera Foundation.

The combination of academics and athletics plays an influential role in the nurturing of Jim’s entrepreneurial spirit. Leadership gifts from the Click family have included the University of Arizona’s Adaptive Athletic Program, the Jim Click Hall of Champions at U of A McKale Center, the Click Family Athletic Center at Landmark College in Vermont, and the current construction of two new Boys & Girls Clubs.

Disabilities have always been at the center of Jim Click’s family focus. In 1975, he was one of the first Tucson employers to offer a workstation for people with developmental disabilities through the Beacon Foundation. Today, Jim employs sixty-eight individuals with disabilities at his dealerships. In 1999, President Bill Clinton presented Jim with the President’s Award from the Committee of Employment of People with Disabilities for his leadership in the development of LINKAGES, a unique non-profit organization that matches individuals with disabilities with employment opportunities. “Jim Click is honored today with a Presidential Award. He has a remarkable passion for empowering Americans with disabilities and helping all Americans to live closer to the idea of opportunity for all. He is, therefore, a true patriot.” President Bill Clinton, White House Ceremony, June 4, 1999.

Although he has never run for any political office, Jim Click’s passion for politics and electing good citizens to serve has often driven him to positions of fund-raising and finance chair for numerous candidates at the local, state, and national levels. From former Mayor of Tucson Lew Murphy, to Arizona Congressman Jim Kolbe, to former United States Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush, to the 2000 election of President George W. Bush, Jim Click’s support was a tremendous boost to many campaign successes!

Having been athletic all his life, Jim Click has maintained his desire for fitness and enjoys the competition of sports. Jim has completed marathons in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tucson, and New York City. He and his daughter, Carrie, have run several marathons together. Jim is also an avid cyclist, and races vintage cars with him Jim Click Racing Team.

“If I were to describe Jim with one word it would be energy. It’s his energy that has resulted in all of the great things he has done for friends, family, and community. I have never seen Jim down. He’s always up. He’s amazing!” Bill Phalen, President & Publisher, Phoenix Home & Garden, PHOENIX Magazine, and Scottsdale Life.


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While enjoying your new family member A Veteran will be enjoying their new Service Dog Companion. 100% of the profit will go to Shaw's Veterans Ranch Non-Profit Foundation 501c3 17053043340009. 

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Thank you in advance!!